No Room for AI in Component Sales
June 20, 2023 at 4:00 AM
Data reporting dashboard on a laptop screen.

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm, offering true and measurable benefits to business systems and operations.

We may use AI to boost data harvesting and narrow down particular customers who may be interested in a product or service. However, AI is not going to dive deep into the development process and provide the human element needed to push development sales projects into production.

Sisler Companies has been in business for 5 decades now. When we started, the sales process was very much based on positive human interactions. 40k+ miles on the car, hand written mileage logs and customer notes, sliding quarters into a payphone at hotel to inform the customer of a print revision were just some of the things we did to propel the development process. We didn't have cell phones, digital document sharing, live editing features - but the job got done and good products were still made to specification using this old school method.

Today, AI tools and time-saving tools exist and are used - however the reliance on the human interface is still very much in tact.

AI cannot decipher opinions, understand tones, or truly get a feel for the vision of the engineer or design professionals that are trying to get their product to the next level. When engineers are creating a product or making an existing product better, they need someone to truly understand what the problem is and a Partner to help translate their vision into a successful change.

At Sisler Companies, we draw on our database of manufacturers to help engineers accomplish their goals. This is the essense of Sales Representation. Not only do we focus on our customers' needs, but we also consult with the manufacturing partner to make sure all of the detils of the project can be met - Capacity, Timeline, Cost, etc.

While some sales reps may feel out of a job with the emerging AI tools, there is a sense of comfort to be realized and a true need for the human interaction - specifically in component sales for industry needs. We believe the manufacturing landscape today requires the sales interface in the same way the need was valued back in the "old-school" days.