How Sisler Models Ideal Sales Representation Agreements
June 6, 2021 at 11:00 PM
How Sisler Models Ideal Sales Representation Agreements

After components and products generate traction in their maiden market, sellers tend to set their eyes abroad. When the time comes, sales representation agreements enable them to act on this desire for strategic expansion. And that’s without the need for opening overseas locations.

However, they’re not all equally effective. Some fail to clearly set out key obligations, establish confidentiality, and provide fair commission-based comp.

At Sisler Companies, we’re uniquely placed to create sales rep agreements that deliver increased market entry and revenue. And here’s how we leverage our position for added client value:

Leveraging our database of 200+ manufacturers

Common approaches to sales representation tend to have a critical weakness: lack of access to manufacturers. Without a strong network of manufacturers, sellers commonly resort to those that offer neither the best rates nor regular demand at scale.

That’s why a database of over 200 suppliers across the world is crucial to our success with sales representation. Each business we represent and draft an agreement for benefits from an extensive network of potential partners. So there’s increased room to shortlist only those manufacturers that offer mutually favorable terms.

Our network includes global manufacturers and others working on highly specialized technologies. As a result, our clients benefit from direct channels to major industry players to sell at scale. Or they easily find the right established manufacturer for entry into niche markets.

Maintaining on-the-ground control with four strategic locations

While it’s of significant benefit to have a large database, we find that it’s just as essential to have teams spread across strategic locations. They nurture relationships with manufacturers, develop a real-time understanding of local and regional market trends, and maintain oversight after parties reach agreements.

That combination results in sales representation agreements that are not only targeted at the right manufacturers for profitable long-term relationships. They’re also poised to succeed with a well-placed team overseeing them.

We have offices in North America (USA and Mexico), Europe, and Asia. Making them even more strategic from a logistical standpoint, they’re near major appliance manufacturers. A few examples include General Electric, Whirlpool, and Electrolux.

Our multilingual teams are fully integrated into each of the locations they specialize in. When drafting sales rep agreements with clients, they empower strategic efforts with crucial inside knowledge and experience of local markets. And they understand how to position each business’ components to maximize demand with the regional industry.

Using market-specific selling for precise-fit sales representation agreements

A sales representation agreement is strongest when parties operate within the same markets. It’s more likely that they’ll continue to share aligned interests, along with synergies that extend their relationship.

Our main markets are the appliance, electric motor, and automotive industries. Building expertise in these markets for over 48 years enables us to draft sales rep agreements that are highly adapted to each. As we do so, we consider the business landscape, the scope of opportunity, and how our clients can

Work with Sisler Companies for global sales representation that opens doors with leading manufacturers

As you look to find larger markets for your components, leverage our strategic global locations and international team for expansion into the most profitable regions. Our database of over 200 manufacturers helps you find partners that make exactly the best fit.

Reach out to us to discuss how sales representation can help your business perform better and grow.