How component management plays a role as a tier 1 supplier
August 27, 2020 at 7:00 AM

In order to manufacture a finished product, many pieces need to come together.

For most companies, it just isn’t possible to manufacture every part of the end product on their own. Instead, manufacturers rely on supply chains.

As a tier 1 supplier, Sisler Companies makes it possible for manufacturers to keep their inventory stocked and distribute their products on time. Component management plays a big role in this process.

In this article, we’re exploring what a tier 1 supplier is, the importance of component management, and how these services can help you.

What is a tier 1 supplier?

In most cases, when an OEM manufactures a final product, they need help from suppliers. Suppliers provide OEMs with the materials they need to build a product. A tier 1 supplier is the most important part of this supply chain. They work directly with OEMs and provide them with the devices that are needed to make a final product.

In turn, tier 1 suppliers typically rely on tier 2 suppliers, and the process continues as you go further down the supply chain. Lower level suppliers usually provide raw materials, while tier 1 suppliers provide parts and devices that are closer to the end product.

How component management plays a role

At Sisler Companies, we provide the basic receiving and storage services that you can expect from a supplier. But, we also go above and beyond by providing advanced component management services. This means that the companies and OEMs we work with don’t have to worry about complex sub-assembly of components.

Our team can purchase components on a customer’s behalf, assemble them, package and label the final products, maintain inventory, and ship the products on a timely basis.

How our component management services can help you

As a tier 1 supplier, our component management services offer many benefits to companies in the domestic appliance and electric motor industry:

  • Reduced costs: When you work with us, there are no other “middlemen” for you to manage. We handle all lower level suppliers, so you can cut costs on supplier management.

  • Better quality control: We implement strict quality standards down the entire supply tier. This makes it easy for us to track down defective or unsuitable parts to the specific supplier who was responsible for them.

  • Products delivered on time: With our advanced component management services, you can expect the final product to be manufactured on time, and to reach the market as soon as possible.

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