How to Find Market-Specific Component Manufacturers
November 29, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Image of someone working for a components manufacturer to deliver quality parts.

When you’re starting a new enterprise or scaling your operation to meet growing demand, one of the pain points you may encounter is increasing the manufacturing of your products. Finding cost-effective manufacturing that meets your needs for scalable production, shipping, and quality is challenging––especially when you move into new markets. Instead of sinking time and money into finding manufacturing solutions on your own, work with a component service like Sisler Companies. We operate globally, helping clients worldwide to find component manufacturers that meet their unique needs.

Find a manufacturer with a pedigree of experience.

Whether you’re moving into a new product market or expanding nationally or globally, one of the first things to consider is the amount of experience a component manufacturer has in your industry.

Suppose a manufacturer works with high-profile brands in the market. In that case, you can trust their quality, cost, and reliability for component manufacturing. For smaller facilities, look for customer reviews, and reach out to their reps to learn more about their process and turnaround time.

When you work with Sisler Companies, you access a network of over two hundred component manufacturers in the home appliance, automotive, and electric motor industries. We’ve vetted the companies to ensure they deliver reliability and quality while meeting your cost needs.

Consider the market’s needs when choosing the size of the manufacturer.

The ideal size of a component manufacturer depends on the extent of your outsourcing needs. Larger operations provide reliable turnaround and diverse service, while small facilities are less brittle for new processes.

When you enter a new market, it can be tough to evaluate your needs and whether a manufacturer will meet them. It’s unlikely you’ll find a manufacturer that provides everything you need, from quality and cost to flexibility and reliability.

Working with a reliable components service when entering a new market gives you access to seasoned professionals. They identify your primary concerns and provide you with services that meet them––eliminating the need for you to spend hours or days researching and speaking with manufacturers.

Determine the degree of outsourcing you’re comfortable with for your components.

When a manufacturer provides you with parts for your product, they’re negotiating the same cost requirements as you. Chances are, they’ll outsource some part of the component to another facility.

If a manufacturer outsources, it may require you to spend additional time researching their third-party producers. You’ll want to ensure they’re experienced in your industry and deliver the reliability and quality you expect.

Sisler Companies provides scalable component services, from single-part manufacturing to product assembly, packaging, inventory, and even shipping. We deliver quality while saving our clients from time-consuming vetting and research.

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Find out the turnaround logistics for the manufacturer.

Finding a component manufacturer that fits into your delivery schedule is essential. Irregular or late deliveries mean unexpected downtime in your facility waiting for parts or holding extra inventory if there are too many parts. Both scenarios cost you money and add to the stress of working with a third-party manufacturer.

At Sisler Companies, we’re logistics experts with a global reach. We’ll provide the components you need to move into new markets on a reliable schedule that supports peak efficiency.

Sisler Companies works with clients to find the ideal component manufacturers for their enterprise.

Sisler Companies has a database of over two hundred component manufacturers. We operate from strategic locations across the U.S. Our mission is to provide our clients with unparalleled component services from strategic sourcing to assembly and warehousing. We bring years of experience across global-operating industries to meet our needs with customizable advisory and on-the-ground service.

Use our easy online form to submit your contact information. We’ll be in touch soon to offer guidance and more for finding market-specific component manufacturers.