Beginner’s guide to PTC heating elements and manufacturers
August 18, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Beginner’s guide to PTC heating elements and manufacturers

If you need a heating element manufacturer to complete your project, we can help. Sisler Companies manufactures PTC heating elements that can be used for a variety of applications. If you’re new to the world of PTC heating elements, read more to learn about the different kinds of elements and how they can be used.

Surface heaters

Surface heaters work by transferring heat using conduction. Similar to how electrical wires require a connection to transfer electricity, a surface heater transfers heat by making a direct connection with a surface. These can be used in beauty care items such as a flat iron or other home use items like a clothing iron. Another example of a surface heater is an electric stove. The element is warmed as electricity flows directly into the coils, which then heat the pot or pan that’s placed on top. The heat comes through electrical wires and is transferred to a surface that can then be used to apply heat to another surface.

Convection heaters

Sometimes heating a surface isn’t the most effective method to use. Instead, air needs to be warmed to create the proper environment. Whether this is in an oven or the heating system in a bedroom, the air is heated as it passes over the fins of a convection heater. Convection heaters use fins to distribute heat into the environment around them because it allows for multi-directional distribution while also creating a larger surface area. This makes for more efficient heating and will heat the air around it as it passes over the warm fins.

Cartridge heaters

Most cartridge heating units often come in a cylindrical shape that has specifications made to accommodate the conditions where it’s used. While the exact size and specific shape will vary, each can be used to radiate heat from the central element. For instance, an immersion heater can safely be used in a water heater. The heating element will heat the water effectively as it evenly distributes warmth from the cylindrical heating unit.

Air heaters

Similar to a convection heater, an air heater will warm a heating element to warm the air around it. The major difference is that air is forced through the heating element to warm it rather than passively warming it. This is often what’s used in the heating and cooling system of a car.

Fan heaters

In contrast to a traditional fan that’s used to cool down a room, a fan heater will produce heat. Fans that are used to cool down a room work by creating a wind-chill effect in the room by moving the air. Fan heaters will produce a significant amount of heat from the central heating element then a fan will blow the hot air out. To prevent creating a wind chill, the element is heated beyond what is necessary to warm the area around it before getting distributed by the fan. This heating element is often used in space heaters.

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