Balanced Relationship Contracts
July 31, 2023 at 12:00 AM

The challenge is to constantly evaluate our relationships. We believe it's something that should happen in every business atmosphere - whether you are a top executive at a multinational corporation, or an employee providing a service at a small business in a small town. "Relationship Contracts'' need to be balanced as they permeate every aspect of our business. Managing these contracts is a key component when gauging the overall health of any Company.

We hold these relationships at a high standard and continuously work to make sure the fabric holding it all together remains strong.

Our is everyone doing? Are we doing the job with efficiency to create the freedom we desire, or "taking work home" too often? Are we effectively communicating to our vendors, our customers, and most importantly - ourselves? What other ways can we do something to achieve the same results with less effort?

Our's your gardening project coming along, what did you do while on vacation mode? How are the kids doing?

Our customers...What are forecasts looking like? Would it make sense for us to look at this new project for you? What is the data showing?

Our vendors...How stable is your supply chain? How can we maintain and improve quality?

But sometimes things don’t go as we planned, and relationships go sideways. If a customer doesn’t communicate scheduling effectively and the supplier continues to bring in material on a “business as usual” basis, then there is a problem. If a company doesn’t generate opportunities for employees to sit down and explain issues as they arise, then there is a problem. If there’s no time for team building and fostering work relationships, then there’s a problem. You get the pattern, and likely understand why communication is so important to the relationship contracts we have in our lives.

Moving forward, the pledge should be genuine communication. Not annoying, of course, but subtle and sincere communication across all facets of the business environment to eliminate confusion.